till my dying day
[Tim and Johnny] have great relationship and I thought ‘Is this going to be a boys club, these two having a laugh all the time?’ Their humor is pretty boyish and based on American television and American culture. A lot of the times I didn’t get the references and sometimes I did feel left out: ‘Tim, can you just include me a bit?’ Then they did, but most of it is poo jokes!
- Helena Bonham Carter on Tim Burton’s relationship with Johnny Depp (via choisir-une-etoile)


Had a great time yesterday in the studio with @stevie_music @iamtommyenglish and the boys! #bvb4 http://ift.tt/1jgblm8


me blogging





Me when I walk with my mom somewhere 

are you spongebob or squidward I can’t tell

somehow I’m both